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The Mighty Man on Campus

The mighty man on campus is Dave Weinandy. He is a communication professor at AQ and is truly amazing. His classes are entertaining and educational, even for students who don’t major in communication. Dave sometimes talks about himself in the third person during his classes and there is honestly never a dull moment. Dave has a lot of real life experience that he brings to the classroom. He currently works with Miss Michigan candidates as a communication coach and it is amazing how much you can learn from someone who has led such a fulfilled and exciting life.

I have had so many wonderful times in my classes with Dave, but my best memory comes from something outside of the classroom. Dave and I always used to joke about running, as I am on the Cross Country team here. He would come up to me after classes and jokingly say, “Grant, I am so tired from my 100-mile run. It’s amazing that we never cross paths even though we both run SO much.” One day the Cross Country team did a run through our Academic Building (AB). We ran through the basement of AB, through the tunnel connecting AB with the Wege Student Center, and then out the front doors of Wege. I was running with the team and we crossed paths with Dave. He dropped his things on the ground and said, “It’s time for our run, Grant.” He ran all the way to the Wege doors with us.

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