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Crunch Time

It’s exam week and you haven’t learned anything all semester. Well, at least that’s what it feels like sometimes! You’re stressing to the max and pulling your hair out seems like a more viable option than studying for your finals. Well guess what?! You are going to survive– I promise!

Everyone else is feeling the exact same way as you during exam week. Instead of hiding in a corner and contemplating whether or not you can make it through the next week, grab a friend or classmate and head over to the Grace Hauenstein library for some studying. The library is open twenty-four hours a day during Aquinas’ exam week. It is never too early or too late to study!

Once you start studying everything you learned during the semester will come back to you. After a few hours of studying you will realize that your dreaded finals actually won’t be that bad. Some helpful advice for finals weeks: don’t forget to take a little break! At Aquinas, the college holds something called ‘Exam Cram Breakfast’ in our Wege cafeteria at 10pm the Monday night of finals week. It’s a great way for you to take a deep breath, pause your studies, relax with friends, and refuel for the last few hours of your Monday night study session.

Before you know it you will be walking into your last final and realize that finals week wasn’t so bad after all! Once you leave the classroom after your last final you can toss all your study guides in the air and start preparing for your much need break from school. Head back to your room, pack your stuff up (including your dirty laundry for your mom to do when you’re home) and then you can hit the road and enjoy your break!

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