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Free Doughnut Day

One of my favorite parts of going to Aquinas would definitely have to be FREE DOUGHNUT DAY! Free doughnut day is also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. AB (the Academic Building) was decorated for the special occasion and free doughnuts were handed out to anyone who wanted one, and whenever they wanted one!

A free doughnut can go a long way. It could be the simple pick-me-up when someone is having a bad day, or an extra boost right before a big test. It can even help someone who skipped lunch make it through until they can get a real meal at dinner. I thought that everything would end with the doughnuts but, to my surprise, Wege Cafeteria was even joining in on the fun. Everyone who worked in the cafeteria decorated the room for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Free Doughnut Day, whatever you prefer to call it. They even wore beads and were handing them out to students. It really brought an exciting atmosphere to dinner that night! When I went to the Corner Cafe later in the evening to grab a snack, the employees had also joined in on the celebration by wearing beads and decorating the cafe area.

It wasn’t much but free doughnuts, beads, and little bit of decorations really spiced up the day and made it one to remember and look forward to next year. It really showed me that Aquinas does care about the students and that it truly does make a difference!


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