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College can be expensive and it sometimes requires you to get a job so you can earn some extra money to help you pay for books, tuition, supplies, rent, food, etc. Or you could need some extra spending cash to allow you to have some fun in between the every day activities of being a college student. Instead of going off campus to search for a job you can easily find a job on campus. Aquinas offers numerous job opportunities for students. They are flexible with class schedules, rehearsals, practice times, etc.

Some examples of on campus jobs are working for Campus Safety, the Admissions office, set-up crew, grounds crew, paint crew, Career and Counseling department, the athletic department, housekeeping, the library, and many more. On campus jobs are fun and exciting because you get to work with students and faculty. Plus, how could you beat a five minute walking commute to work instead of driving twenty minutes and wasting your gas? You can work during the school year and even during the summer, which makes it easy to find that summer job everyone desperately needs. I currently work three on campus jobs (campus safety, student ambassador, and stats for the athletic department) and I love all of them. I even worked for grounds crew over the summer to get in my forty hour work week so I could earn the money that I needed for the following school year.

Feel free to follow to link to see the most recent updated job openings on campus. http://www.aquinas.edu/ccs/career/jobs.html

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