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A Little Dirt Never Hurt

Over this past spring weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to complete my first trail marathon at Luton Park in Rockford, Michigan The name of this marathon was called “Hurt the Dirt.” This course was so challenging and filled with twists, sharp turns, winding curves, tree roots, mud, sandy hills, huge rocks, and so much more! This did not matter because I knew that I had put in enough training by all of the trail running I had done throughout Grand Rapids, like the scenic trails on the shores of Reed’s Lake located just 5 minutes away from AQ’s campus. Not only was I challenged with this rugged course at Luton Park, but I was also challenged mentally and had a great amount of time to think about why I am running, who I am running for, and how blessed I am to be able to run in general.

After finishing the 26.2 mile trail run, I was able to rush off back to Aquinas to lead an on campus event called the “Be Nice. Festival.” The “be nice.” campaign is putting an awareness out to the world about suicide prevention and how suicide is real thing that can affect many people, even the people you might not ever suspect. The “be nice.” campaign is run by the Mental Health Foundation of Grand Rapids, and on Saturday, April 26th, was able to partner with Aquinas to put on a festival supporting the awareness of suicide prevention. This was filled with resume building, a fashion show on how to look professional in goodwill attire along with loving the “skin you’re in,” hair stylings, nails, free food, various bands, drawings to win “be nice.” items, and interactive games! Overall, the “be nice” festival was a huge success! Whether, I am training for a trail run by Reed’s Lake or leading an “be nice.” festival on campus, there is always some way to be involved at AQ.

I truly love what AQ has had to offer me in these past four years, and I hope to carry on those passions to wherever I end up in this world.

After finishing the marathom

After finishing the marathon

At the 'be nice.' festival outside of The Moose Cafe

At the ‘be nice.’ festival outside of The Moose Cafe

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