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Pre-Thanksgiving Snow Day– No Way!

The hopes of having a snow day, of being able to sleep in, of not having to go to school, do not simply continue after your childhood, but heighten as a college student.  We track the Doppler radar, try to estimate how many inches we have, and constantly check our emails hoping to have a notice that classes are cancelled.  This protocol would be acceptable and expected come January at the peak of winter and its snowstorms.  However, Aquinas didn’t just get an early Christmas present this year, we got an early Thanksgiving treat.

On November 19th, the Aquinas College campus was closed due to the weather, and all classes were cancelled for students.  I wasn’t really expecting the day off, but I had no complaints.  I love my classes at Aquinas, but I’d be crazy if I wasn’t thankful for a day to just de-stress and relax.  As a college student, it can be hard to handle classes, clubs, work, friends and family.  The result is that free time and just enjoying yourself can be put last on the list of priorities.  I think the world took note of how hard the Aquinas Saints were working and granted us the day off to refresh ourselves.

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