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Blood, Sweat, and Floor Burns

Anyone who thinks intramural volleyball is not intense should stand on the opposite side of the net of a six foot something body builder who’s got some anger to unleash.  There’s no messing around in this all-or-nothing sport that takes place every Sunday and Tuesday night from 8-11pm structured as follows:

  • 14 teams total will play both days of the week with each team consisting of at least two girls and two guys.
  • Any team that fails to follow rule number one regarding gender must play their match with one less person.
  • Each team can have no more than six players on the court during each point played.
  • Matches are won by winning two out of three games with the first two played to 21 points and the third (if necessary) to 15, win by 2.
  • The winning team will be awarded t-shirts.
  • Any further rules are subjective to the players… meaning there are no more rules.

Unlike a middle school gym class, this time on the court is all business.  If you want a place to look pretty in your new spandex and cute Mizuno Wave Lightning volleyball shoes, this isn’t it.  With the top of the nets sagging to just over six feet and vertical reaches of up to nine, it’s really just a matter of who’s going to get a ball to the face if the front line doesn’t get a hand on it.  Since this is “street volleyball,” the ball isn’t the only thing to be looking out for.  Bodies are thrown under the net, into the net, and over the net without a single whistle blown.  Picture Adam Sandler playing basketball with ferocious prisoners in the movie, The Longest Yard.  Okay, so maybe not so many broken bones, blood, or shirtless men but you get the idea.  The smell of sweat and desperation signifies the end of another hard-fought battle on the court.  When all is said and done, although you may not walk away with a “W” every night, one thing you will have is a new friend.  As cliché as it sounds, the bond formed by giving your all is one that is shared among each member of the 14 teams.  I think this is what brings us back each night to exhaust ourselves.  Either that or the instant satisfaction of blocking that aforementioned body builder at the net.

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