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Student- Athlete Life at AQ

Being a student-athlete can definitely have its challenges. Balancing school, being a Student Ambassador, working part time, and being an athlete is quite the load. Life as a college kid is a constant go, go, go. At Aquinas, I am able to be involved in many different things and that is what I love about going to school here.

As an athlete I travel a lot and at times I have to miss classes for races. It is never easy missing class and trying to catch up. What makes it so much easier however, is how understanding all my professors are. I am responsible and I let my professors know when I will be missing. They are always so helpful to give me assignments from the classes I will miss.

Being at a small school where my professors know me by name and know if I miss class or not always pushes me to not skip class. My grades are very important to me and having my professors be so willing to help me reach my full potential means so much to me. Having the opportunity to be involved in different things is what has made my college experience here at Aquinas so much fun. I will always cherish all of the experiences I have had at Aquinas and look forward to more opportunities I will have in my last year as a student-athlete.

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