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Pockets of Love: The Writing Center

Today I had the honor of sitting in a pocket of love on campus in a Poetry Workshop run through AQ’s own Writing Center- a place for students to workshop, plan, and grow their writing skills in all areas and stages with trained peers.

Students who work for the Writing Center are nominated by professors and take a class in how to be better writers and mentors. They then work one on one to help students, staff, and faculty with their different pieces of writing at all stages. The Writing Center has helped poets on their slam poetry and helped professors on their dissertations and helped students conquer research projects.

This evening, seven students and the head of the Writing Center gathered in an open classroom to workshop pieces of poetry together for two hours. Julie Bevins, who heads up the Center puts countless hours and an infinite amount of love into any students who come into contact with her, and today she stay 5 hours later than she normally does to attend a Poetry Workshop led a by a student. For two hours, we took turns distributing a piece of poetry, and letting the other revel in it and devour it- we tested words, capitalization, spaces, line breaks, punctuation, and pushed the boundaries. It was soft, gentle, loving, and an earthquake to say the least.  Do you know how powerful it is for someone to share a piece of their soul with you and for them to let you help make it better? Only at Aquinas.

I say this not because I’m ignorant to the fact that other schools have student led poetry workshops; but for the fact that I know no other school has such an intimate experience led by a Senior who is pursuing an MFA in poetry post-graduation, where we discuss the personal history of Van Gogh, what vermillion looks like, and Synesthesia, while devouring Starbursts.

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