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Senior-itis turned into Senior i-can-do-this

The last stretch of senior year comes with a lot of work.  You have to make sure you have taken all the credits and classes you need to graduate on time.  You have to start to prepare for graduate school, or start looking for a job.  You also have to make sure you enjoy the last few months you have with your friends and favorite faculty and staff members.  This can all be overbearing.  Seniors can get bogged down by having to say goodbye to some things while simultaneously saying hello to others.  Senior-it is, the desire to just be done and the feeling of kind of over school, can easily be contracted.

Going into my senior year at Aquinas, I thought for sure that I would catch the senior-itis bug.  This was my first semester back at school after studying abroad in Ireland last spring, and I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about classes, graduation, and school in general.  The first day of school came and instead of being excited and looking forward to seeing all of my fellow AQ Saints, I had a feeling of disinterest.  But, by the end of the week, that feeling of disinterest I had on the first day had turned into enthusiasm for the rest of the weeks to come.

As a senior, the majority of the classes I’m taking this semester apply directly to the majors and minors I’m pursuing.  This had me nervous at first because that meant every class required my hardest work and full attention.

I am now heading into my fifth week of senior year.  I can’t believe how fast the year is going.  I think time is going by so quickly because I’m really enjoying many aspects of my senior year.  I absolutely love all my classes. Normally when I have to read for class, I tend to skim the material if it doesn’t interest me.  This hasn’t been the case for my classes this semester.  The reading that I’m required to do not only applies to the class, but it applies to the larger field of what I want to go into with my degrees.  I can see the benefit in the reading that I’m doing.  For example, the first week of school I was assigned to read the whole textbook for my Community Leadership Practicum class.  I was not looking forward to trying to read a whole book in a week on top of the other assignments and time commitments I had going on.  But, when I sat down to read it, I was surprised–in a good way.  Instead of skimming through, I was taking my time and really trying to make sure I was getting everything out the text that I wanted.  I was making notes in texts to go back and re-read certain passages because I felt like they were worth another read.  I had finished half of the book no problem and was excited to keep going.

Also, the papers I have to write and assignments I have to do don’t feel so burdening.  Homework to any extent isn’t necessarily enjoyable, but when you’re doing work that you know is going to help you post graduation and help you better understand the purpose of your majors and minors and help you toward the path to a career, you don’t put it off as much.  Another example of this is when I sat down to revise an essay I wrote for Advanced Composition.  Normally, I hate revising papers.  HATE it.  But, after learning in class why revising is a sign of ability and not a punishment, I was able to tackle my paper with ease.  I ended up treating my revising process like a puzzle game.  What could I add, delete, or change in order to get the “winning” paper?  Freshman year me wouldn’t have even read the paper when I was done writing it, but senior me was reading it out loud and asking others to read it as well.

Yes, my classes are harder than what I took my first year of Aquinas, but I actually look forward to going to class and feel satisfied leaving.  I think it’s because you find a new respect and interest for what you’re going into.  You can start to see the potential of where your classes are going to take you in your future.  This is the attitude I just have to remind myself of when finals come around!

Being so happy with my classes is what has really changed my attitude to senioritis diagnosed to senior I can do this.  College, especially senior year, is far too short to spend every week dreading going to class. So why not embrace it?

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