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Naturally, I can say a lot about C.Y.B.I.A.C. but it was an amazing experience and if you get the chance you should definitely do it. It is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God and learn about yourself as well, and even if you are not  very religious you can still get a lot out of the retreat. On top of being an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself and get closer to God you can also gain some amazing friends through the retreat or strengthen the friendships you already have.

I was very reluctant to go on C.Y.B.I.A.C. because I am not a very religious person. However, I am happy I went because although I wouldn’t say I become closer with God, I did grow as a person and learned about myself as well. It is very humbling and terrifying to bare your soul to strangers but it is even more rewarding when they turn around and support you and comfort you. C.Y.B.I.A.C. gave me a new outlook on life and a strength that I didn’t know I had.

The decision to go on C.Y.B.I.A.C. was a last minute choice on my part so I didn’t really go with friends. Despite that, being a senior I still knew many of the students there and it was really nice making new friends and getting to know people. The best part was creating a new group of people you can trust and friends who support you and it’s nice having more smiling faces greeting you in the halls or in the Moose.

It was beautiful watching some of my new friends become closer with their beliefs rather it be God or otherwise. I know for me I still may not be a church going Christian but feeling the love and encouragement of my friends and family is all the religion I need. I believe that God is love and as long as I have love in my life and in my heart then I will continue to walk in the light of righteousness and use my gifts to help others the best I can.

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