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Midterm Madness

October 12, 2015 – October 16, 2015

This week has been called many things. The most school-appropriate being “the week before fall break.” The student version being something along the lines of a midterm-shaped padlock, in which only completed due dates can unlock the doors and set the captives free. Midterms are the first point in the semester when students collectively commit to studying harder so they don’t need to cram during exams. The time when students who actively avoid the library all year, suddenly make Grace Hauenstein their home. I am one hundred percent, shamelessly, one of those types of students. My friends know I view the library the same way I view formal clothing: a solid idea, but if the idea becomes a reality for any longer than absolutely necessary, I get antsy.

Yet, my absence from the library has not detracted from the commitment I made as a student. I make every effort to get the most out of my tuition dollars. I hand in my assignments on time, study for my tests, and make a deliberate effort not to skip class on a daily basis. Sometimes, I’m successful, other times I’m not.

The understanding that school is a balancing act is imperative for making it out alive. I mean, ahem, graduating. Positive study habits are important, and learning time management a skill that will come in handy for a lifetime. Above all else, comes personal wellness. However the importance of this often becomes lost in the midst of the final exams, projects, and presentations.

I, personally, am not a perfect student.

I’ve gotten grades that aren’t A’s.

I’ve groveled shamelessly for extensions from professors.

I’ve happily procrastinated before a due date, in absolute, complete denial.

Typical college student issues.

I’ve found, that the time is going to pass one way or another. Fall break came around for all of us eventually and so there really is benefit to putting in the effort now.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself, let me know if that sounds convincing to you!!

Either way,

Congratulations everyone!

Ya’ll survived Midterm Week!

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