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Pockets of Love: Our Faculty

I have been amazed with the faculty at Aquinas since Day One- and by “Day One,” I don’t mean the first day of classes or Orientation, but the very first tour of Aquinas I took. In the midst of running around with my cousin and our Ambassador giving us a tour, it came up that I was interested in majoring in History. Our Ambassador, Nolan, took note and fifteen minutes later we were in the office of the Chair of the History Department, her hand extended and the biggest smile on her face. We had clearly interrupted a very busy woman, but she was delighted to meet a potential student. She quickly handed me her card and demanded that I let her know if I had any questions about academics here or the major.

My first year here at Aquinas, I took “Communication 101” to fulfill a General Education requirement, and I left a Communication major. My professor taught the class with an air of superiority and a lot of sarcastic wit- I’m not normally one for professors of that sort, but that attitude combined with his genuine, slightly nerdy love of the subject brought me into the world of soft science and communicating. A year later, the realities of adulthood set in, and after not speaking with him since, I sent a quick email asking what I could and should be doing for post graduation. Later that day I got an emailing setting up a meeting in our campus coffee shop so we could talk through the whole process.

A year after that, my first year as an Ambassador, I gave my first tour to a young man and his father. After a lot of talk about high school and goals, the Senior mentioned he was interesting in Communication as a major as well. Recounting my first tour, I glided down to the Communication Offices, hoping someone might be in during lunch time. I poked my head in each of the office doors, calling out to see if anyone was in. And the very same professor who had led me to major in Communication came out of his office, and spoke with the student and his father, not about the program, but about what he needed to be doing to prepare for his desired career. He was honest, he didn’t try to sell Aquinas, but gave him the broad strokes of pros and cons of different sized schools and locations.

We left the office, and the father-son duo talked in amazement at our 6’2” and covered in tattoos professor, as I recounted a story of another Communication professor in our department, a local Dominican Sister. It was in this moment I realized how much our faculty truly cared and gave of themselves continually. There has never been a class I have been a number in, never a class I have just slipped in and out of. Every professor I have had has cared about how well I have done and how much I gained- and not just in their class, but as a student at Aquinas trying to figure out adulthood.

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