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Post-Grad Plans

Lately I’ve been thinking about graduation. It’s my (first) senior year, and even though I’m taking my victory lap next year, graduation is still weighing heavily on my mind. A lot of my friends are finishing school and moving on to real life adult careers, and I’m sitting here simultaneously thankful that I don’t have to be a real adult yet, but also terrified that I’ve come this far in life and still have no idea what I want to do in the future.

Well, scratch that. I have a lot of ideas, but there isn’t just one that is a shining beacon of hope. Instead, I have thousands. Ever since I was seven years old, I wanted to join the Peace Corps. As I came into college and started moving closer to adulthood, it became a very real possibility. I think I could actually spend two years teaching English in an impoverished country. And even though that is what I tell people my post-grad plans are, I can’t help but doubt it.

I’ve always felt called to serve in some way, but now I’m not sure how I’m meant to do that. I’m wondering now if I’m meant to do the Peace Corps. Maybe I should do AmeriCorps instead. Or maybe I should keep going to school and get my master’s, or my doctorate. Maybe I’ll teach college one day because I’ve had such a lovely experience at Aquinas and I hope to give that to someone someday. Maybe I’ll wind up moving back to Ireland and working there. Maybe I’ll end up staying in Grand Rapids. Who knows?

Maybe that’s the point. No one knows where they are going to end up, and truthfully there is something beautiful about that. But it’s also terrifying. One day, I’m going to need a more concrete idea of what I want to do, that way I can start making a career and building a life for myself. Luckily though, right now, I have about seventeen months before I really need know, so I will enjoy my senior year (and my other senior year), and panic when the time comes.

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