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Shakespeare, Chaucer and Jane Austen, Oh My!!

As a junior at Aquinas College, I began pursuing my undergraduate degree in English as a sophomore. I can say with complete honesty, I had no idea what I was in for. I signed up for as many classes that would be a checkmark on my major-required courses list, and it wasn’t until I was in two 300-level literature classes that it occurred to me that I had never taken a literature class before.

What followed was pure chaos. As unconventional as a narrative strategy as this may be, I am going to skip to the end and tell you I made the Deans list for the first time in my high school and collegiate career that semester.

Sounds like a happy ending right? Like everything worked out?

Not quite.

What that Deans List certificate didn’t show was the lack of sleep, the cups of coffee, the stress, the anxiety, the tears, everything that went into that semester and more. It didn’t show the frustration, or the fear that my program wasn’t the right fit, essentially all of the struggles and anxieties most college students have. While I did put in a lot of work that semester, my family and friends were my rock, the people who got me through. I all but lived in my professors’ office hours and bothered them until I had the answers to the reasons I was getting grades that weren’t A’s.

I made the Deans List but I lost my sanity that semester. The good news is two-fold, the first being that that semester is done with. Thank God. The second being that I learned more than I ever would have if I had been the kind of student who always received A’s without effort. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was that kind of student on an hourly basis, but I’m thankful I will be able to cross the stage at graduation knowing I really learned differing skills and took advantage of the liberal arts education that Aquinas offers. As excited as I am to graduate, I am thankful for all I have learned and continue to learn here. As a junior in the English program, I am now in my capstone major literary authors study class and I’m incredibly thankful to have made it this far and to continue to explore all the post-graduation opportunities Aquinas has given me. I’ve never regretted choosing AQ and I am forever proud to wear maroon and white.

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