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Things Are A Little Squirrel-y Around Here

Just before fall break, Aquinas had a couple of special squirrels on campus.  I get it, we have THOUSANDS of squirrels that call AQ home, but these ones were different.  How so you ask?  It’s suspected that their mother had abandoned them or had died because as soon as you would come near them, these baby squirrels would run at you, up you, and find somewhere to hide in your clothes!  I remember when I saw the first Instagram post about these little creatures from one of my good friends and remember thinking God had just bestowed upon her the most wonderful gift from above.  Here she was sitting in the warm sun with two baby squirrels cuddling in the sweatshirt “nest” she had made for them.

From that moment on, these creatures were showing up in every Aquinas student’s social media profile picture.  Whether they were sleeping soundly in someone’s arms or sitting perfectly in a person’s hand, these two squirrels had captured the heart of the AQ community.  Some students had come across them when they wanted to play, and if the moment arises where you have a choice to play with wildlife or arrive on time to class, I pray you would choose the former.  Because as cheesy and sappy as this sounds, very few times in one’s life does a moment like this arise.  Moments where you forget every single thing that you were worrying about because you are so filled with joy and happiness that there simply isn’t room for anything negative.  At all.  For the longest time I could not find these squirrels.  I searched high and low to no avail.  And then one Thursday afternoon as I grabbed a quick coffee before my Theology quad, an angel from above had brought one of those squirrels into my presence.  A student was holding it in his arms just outside the Moose and was ready to go to class.  I wasted no time volunteering as tribute to take this creature from his hands and on that brisk October afternoon, I truly experienced one of the happiest moments of my life.  Perched on my arm was something wild.  Something that had not been taught to fear humans.  And I thank God for that squirrel’s naiveté.

P.S. I was late to my theology class…


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