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Trick or Treat

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like Halloween and those who tolerate it– or, in other words, hate it. I tend to belong more to the latter side of that group mainly because I am not a fan of being scared. For many people that is the main appeal of Halloween, the idea of seeing how much they can take without being scared or, even better, having the opportunity to scare others. Personally I am not opposed to scaring people especially for good causes like the Forest of Fear but overall I am not fond of being scared.

Halloween is not just about being scared and scaring people, it is also about the chance to dress up and be something more than yourself. This idea also fails to appeal to me because although I would love to dress up as my favorite anime character or super villain, I always find myself less than enthusiastic about attempting such a feat. Perhaps because I don’t wish to change my identity, the identity that I have spent 20 years cultivating, 20 years of a well cultivated and detailed mask, to put a fake one for one maybe two nights. No matter what Halloween looks, feels, and sounds like to you; enjoy, eat candy, and get spooked kids!

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