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Do You Even Lift Bro?

Do You Even Lift Bro?

The struggles of a college student who just wants to get swole

The following is dedicated to all the student lifters out there, especially those that commute.  Keep on truckin.

  1. Waking up an hour before you have to leave to make sure you have time for the next two struggles
  2. Eating lots and lots of food. Although the last thing you would ever want to eat at 6 in the morning is steak and eggs, but that’s what’s on the menu.  Gotta replenish those starving muscles after 6 hours of sleep somehow!
  3. 5 plastic containers full of meat and veggies later, you’re ready for the day!
  4. Forever getting weird looks when you pull out your salmon and rice container in class.
  5. Never having enough free time to eat
  6. Backpack always smells like chicken
  7. Car always smells like chicken
  8. You question if you might actually be turning into a chicken
  9. Tuna breath
  10. Constantly drinking water
  11. Constantly going to the bathroom as a result of #10
  12. Your car is full of clothes, shoes, and supplements all the time
  13. Going to a class on the third floor of AB after leg day… ‘nuff said.
  14. You drink coffee at 9pm to get you hype for your hour long workout that you so desperately need after being at school for 10 hours.
  15. Adding the stress of not seeing results to that of class and work.
  16. Stressing out about stressing out because stressing out adds body fat.
  17. Picking up every penny or nickel you see to add to the protein powder fund.
  18. Knowing that you have to give 110% at the gym when you only have 5% to give

But overcoming all of these challenges is worth it if it means staying healthy and staying fit!!

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