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Finals Week!

To many students, this is the most important week of the semester!  My final exam week is the pinnacle of all I have learned throughout the semester.  My weekend consisted of alternating rounds of notebook, social media, textbook, and SnapChat checking.  I was at home helping my father recover from a procedure, but the stories my friends were telling on campus made me envious that I was in Indiana!  The Local ‘John’s (Jimmy Johns and Papa Johns) around Aquinas are probably the busiest they have ever been: giving gourmet pizzas and sandwiches to students distracted from hunger at 1 in the morning!  It all sounds a bit manic, but there is something special about the week.  The small weight off your shoulders after you finish an exam, the exciting 10pm exam breakfast rudely interrupted by a fire alarm, and the students cramming in the chapel at Mass praying for successful exams and safe travels.  I am going to miss it all next year.  Yes, I am going to miss it all!  My hope and prayer is that my AQ family has a safe rest of their semester and break.  See you next semester!

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