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Thanksgiving Woes

Coming back from Thanksgiving is hard. For me, Thanksgiving is a time for laughter, family and a celebration of all the good things in life. I have been very lucky to have a family who loves me and who would go to the ends of the earth for me. And while this is a total blessing, it makes coming back to school extremely difficult.

This weekend, after stuffing ourselves as big as our house, we visited my uncle’s tree farm, picked out a Christmas tree, and began decorating. While we were hanging ornaments and blasting Christmas carols, I felt so utterly happy. I didn’t want to go back to school facing the last few weeks of the semester and drowning in papers. I wanted to stay where everything was warm, merry, and bright. I love Aquinas–it’s my second home–but that didn’t make returning any easier. That is, until I went to campus.

My first class of the week is history, a general education requirement. Even though most days I enjoy it, I did not want to face it that Monday. It was freezing outside and my bed was toasty warm. However, I forced myself out of bed, and trekked to campus arriving fifteen minutes early to class. I grumbled to myself that I should’ve used that time to sleep, but instead, I made conversation with the girl who sits behind me. I’ve never spoken more than a few words to her, but today she asked about my break, and I asked about hers and we exchanged pleasantries of school worries, what we’re excited about, and what we’re doing with our futures. It was simple, but it brightened my gloomy morning.

Interactions like that, combined with genuine care from friends, faculty, and staff make Aquinas a wonderful place to come back to. Despite the stress of final papers and exams, the affection I feel just being at Aquinas puts my mind at ease.

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