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A Saving Grace

It’s the third week of school and already I’m missing her.


I’ve had a lot of: “I thought you graduated!” and “Haven’t seen you around campus, it’s great to have you back!” and “How was Italy?” said to me in these first couple weeks. I’m overwhelmed. I’m incredibly happy to be back with my friends and classmates; seeing their affection at my presence warms my heart. Yet there’s this huge piece of me stuck in the memories of my time studying abroad in Italy.

To cope, I’ve buried myself in my literature and writing. I’ve never been more grateful for my passion for reading and writing. Being a part of the English Major community is where I belong. I came into college as perpetually ‘Undeclared’ but deep down I knew that studying English literature and writing was what I was born to do. I didn’t learn how to tell stories. I simply and easily told them. I created them in mind which gave me a rough start in life. I was bullied because words flowed from my mouth with absolutely no filter when I was a child. I shared my stories with my peers and made-believe that they were real. They didn’t like this so they began to ridicule me.

I lied.

But is it really lying when I was taught that I am what I read?

I am a horse-owner, a princess, a lawyer, a dragon-slayer.

I have all of these people in my mind and so do you. We possess the ability to be whoever we want to be!

In kindergarten, we were asked a simple question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

I wanted to be a firefighter. So many other kids in my class said the same thing. I think back on when the planes that flew into our twin towers. It’s like our six-year-old selves knew a tragedy like this terrorist attack would happen and we wanted to be important; we wanted to save lives.

I hope you find your place here. Aquinas College with its hired faculty has helped me flourish in not just finding a degree, but finding my passion. I pray it does the same for you. AQ will make you the best person you can be. I hope you become that which makes you fully whole.

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