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Welcome Home

Well, we have made it to Ireland! After a flight to Newark, an eight-hour layover, another flight to Shannon and a bus ride to Tully Cross, we have finally finished our journey over here. Despite our many hours of travel, it didn’t feel as long or as  bad as I thought it would. The Newark Airport had plenty of good food and coffee to choose from, while the flight to Shannon had free movies and food, and the bus ride allowed us to enjoy our first Irish sunrise. When we first arrived in Shannon, the Irish customs guy looked at my passport, noticed my Irish last name, and looked up to me with a smile and said “Welcome home.”

Despite the long hours of travel and the sleep deprivation, it feels so good to finally be in Ireland. As we rode from Shannon to Tully Cross, I couldn’t help but smile. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Everywhere we go, there are hills upon hills, mountains upon mountains, and endless bodies of water to look at it. No amount of sleep deprivation could stop me from admiring this beauty. It was a struggle for the rest of the day trying to stay awake and adjust to Irish time (not even coffee was helping me), but our staff advisors Dan, Kate and Duane kept us busy to keep our minds off the jet lag. After we arrived, the owner of a local bar called Anglers welcomed us with a free lunch. Then we went on a short hike to the Atlantic Ocean, which was absolutely beautiful. Once we returned from our hike and had an orientation meeting, we were free to do whatever we wanted. It was recommended that we stay up until at least 9 PM (4 PM Michigan) to adjust to Irish time, so my cottage mates and I looked to keep busy until then.  We went back to Anglers where we all had our first Irish Guinness (which, we all agreed, is way better than American Guinness) and just hung out. Since Anglers had stopped serving food for the day, we went to the other pub, Paddy Coynes, to see if they had some food. To our dismay, they weren’t serving food again until Saint Patrick’s Day, so we went back to our cottage and made spaghetti for dinner. From there we just talked, tried to keep warm, and waited for 9 PM to come. Once it did, we all went to bed, where I proceeded to sleep for twelve straight hours. I hope I’ve adjusted to Irish time now!

It is definitely adjustment living in Tully Cross, but it is all so worth it. From the beauty I can see just from my cottage window, to the simple schedule displayed in the study cottage, I can tell this is exactly what I need right now. There is so much time to run, write, cook, read, hike, and hang out—all things that I love, but some of which I neglect because of my insane schedule. A few days in, I can already say I’m enjoying this trip, and the adventure is just beginning! I’m so excited to start enjoying the little things in life again and to learn about myself and Ireland. I will write more when more happens, but until then, I hope you’re all enjoying the snow :)

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