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The Cake Fiasco

Ask anyone the best week of the year and they may say: “The week between Christmas and New Years!” or “The week of Spring Break!” or even, “The week that includes Good Friday and Easter!”  

All are good answers, regardless of the reasoning, but, ask any AQ Saint what the best week of the year is and you’ll get a different sort of answer! Chances are you’ll hear something along the lines of “St. Thomas Aquinas Week!”

My freshman year I remember that week rolling around and thinking  ‘umm, ok..? cool.’ I had no idea what it was or what was even going on. Fairly typical of college, I was a distinctive mix between disinterested and straight-up confused. Three years later and days in advance, I was jumping on my roommates bed to inform her of the upcoming events of St. Thomas Aquinas Week. Needless to say, at 1:27am, she was less than pleased.

My enthusiasm was warranted, even if my timing wasn’t, because there really are so many amazing events that go on during the week: the family dinner with the Dominican Sisters, Mass at St. Thomas, the Leadership Conference put on by Student Senate, AQ Idol, and that isn’t even half of them! It’s a busy and exciting time, but it’s yet another reason why being a Saint is such an awesome experience!

One of my favorite traditions is the AQ Family photo! Due to personal reasons, I wasn’t able to make the picture this year, but I love that everyone comes together to show mutual love for our school! The photo is the culmination of the AQ difference to me, because you can really see the spirit of the students and faculty come alive in one moment, even if it’s just that one moment. The whole experience is captured in a way that draws others in, making them not only want to be a part of the memories, but to share them with others as well.

Another tradition well-worth mentioning is the cake.
Cake in the Academic Building.

Cake in the Wege.

Cake in the Cook Carriage House

Cake in Albertus Magnus Hall.

I don’t know if there’s cake in Holmdene but it stands to reason there probably is, since Juan obviously needs cake too!

This week is really just an opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate St. Thomas Aquinas, the things he stood for and everything he taught, which is in essence, the things the College stands for, and also to eat cake.

It really is great to be a Saint!

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