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Why the “Because I don’t drink coffee” is Never a Valid Response

I am, unashamedly, a coffee snob.

I was a Starbucks barista in high school and since entering college, I have been to almost all of the coffee shops in the greater Grand Rapids area. The reasons I choose to spend my time in those places, actually, have very little to do with the actual beverages offered. Okay, they have a little to do with it, c’mon I need some caffeine, but I promise there’s more to it than that!

-I go to coffee shops for the atmosphere.
People are so focused on the tasks in front of them that it’s a great place to people watch and hear some awesome music that you wouldn’t have found otherwise!

-I go to coffee shops because I can be productive there.
When I’m on campus, everyone is so friendly and sweet that I find I’d much rather socialize than cross things off my to do list! Though the former is preferable, the latter is sometimes necessary so things can get accomplished!

-I go to coffee shops because they are the perfect food alternative, budget and time wise!
Sipping on a latte and nibbling on a croissant is a surprisingly filling alternative, that allows for multitasking, as opposed to finding the nearest restaurant where you have to wait to order, yada yada yada. As far as spending $3.47 on said latte, it’s filling, relatively healthy, and cheaper than a full meal food option yet it leaves you just as contentedly full.

-I go to coffee shops because it’s one of my favorite adventures!
Stepping into the coffeehouse atmosphere makes me feel like I am stepping into another world! There are usually paintings on the walls, books on the shelves, and it makes me imagine who owned the building in another life, who donated the books, who painted the paintings, who in the world sat at the table by this window and did they look through it and lock eyes with a stranger who became the love of their lives? Coffee shops are homey, romantic, and full of adventure, about so much more than “just a little caffeine.”

My “Grand” Coffeehouse List

Disclaimer: I am 100 percent positive there are more lovely coffee places than what is on this list, but here is where I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last three years =)

  • Clique Coffee Bar
  • Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge
  • The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newsstand
  • Lyon Street Cafe
  • The Bitter End
  • Madcap Coffee
  • Common Ground Coffee House
  • PaLatte Coffee & Art

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