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Fun Without the Sun

Ever wondered how some people have a bit of a daredevil gene in them, while others could not be bothered with trying to catch thrills?  My favorite type of thrill seeking activity is, without a doubt, skiing.  There is nothing like flying down a frozen water covered mountain with fiberglass sticks strapped to your feet.  I have been fond of skiing since I was younger and my parents took us to Boyne Mountain to perfect our skiing form.  But, like so many other high school students, I stopped skiing because of the cost of skiing and how busy I was with winter sports.  A few years ago, I decided to give it another try and, with my girlfriend’s family, I got back on the hill.  While that first time was rather nerve wracking, I did not fall too many times.  

While I was only able to ski one time last year, I decided to buy a ski pass for Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands this year as a way to treat myself.  With this pass, I was able to go skiing multiple weekends this semester on two of Michigan’s most pristine mountains.  Even at the beginning of the season this year, I was rather shaky going down even some of the easiest and least steep hills.  But, little by little, I was able to get my body back into skiing.  Another point worth mentioning is that I am terribly afraid of heights, which makes the chairlifts even more fun.  Regardless, with much practice and determination throughout this ski season, I was able to hone my skills until I was able to ski down even some of the most challenging runs.  My favorite type of skiing was going over the small jumps and bumps and getting no more than a foot off the ground.  While I enjoy the exhilaration of my feet leaving the ground, I still am fearful of breaking a bone and needing the ski patrol to come and snowmobile me off to the hospital.

West Michigan has a multitude of great ski hills that I highly recommend you check out.  A few of my other favorite skiing destinations, besides Boyne Mountain and Highlands, are Crystal Mountain, Nubs Nob, and Canonsburg. As a student at Aquinas, from time to time I have been involved with our ski and snowboard club.  While I have not been skiing with the club this year, it is always a welcomed thought that I know there are other students who share my enthusiasm for thrills.

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