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One Capstone Down, One to Go!

“One Capstone down, one to go!” was the caption of my Snap Chat story yesterday.  Capstone projects are pretty common for majors here; they are basically like a final research project or presentation.  I am a Geography major, so all semester I have been busy plotting over 450 bus stops and seeing how accessible each neighborhood is in Grand Rapids–all 156 of them!  If you’re really curious, Grand Rapids is about 63% accessible, which is pretty good compared to the 55% national average!

It was awesome getting help along the way from Dr. McCluskey, my advisor and Geography department chair, and Dr. Clinthorne, who teaches the Geographic Information Systems class (It’s a mapping and interpretation program.. quite fun!).  I have six other classmates, and all of their presentations look pretty good, too!  Even though I am finished, I am not finished.  I will be featured among science members at the student research symposium at Aquinas College in the upcoming weeks, and I have to make a slideshow about my research.  On top of that, I need to finished my capstone for my Community Leadership major, too.  I better get to work!  Wish me and the soon-to-be graduates luck!

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