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What is the #AQdifference?

The hashtag AQdifference is a popular one throughout the Aquinas College’s community.  It can be tracked throughout Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  It’s become a way for students, faculty, staff and departments to highlight their unique experiences at Aquinas College that make it stand out amongst other schools.

But what exactly is the AQ difference?  Well, here’s what the #AQdifference is to me.  It is:

  • a professor hosting an event called “Puppies and Pizza” to celebrate the completion of class by bringing in 3 of his dogs for the class to play with and ordering pizza
  • a random anonymous fellow saint paying for your bagel at The Moose when you’re three pennies short
  • when a professor hands back your writing portfolio and says, “It was a pleasure reading your work again”
  • passing by a fellow saint on the way to class and they say, “it’s so sunny and you look beautiful!”
  • meeting your future bridesmaids, potential godparents to your children, and your best friends on the first day of orientation
  • getting done talking with a staff member about how stressed you are about exams and they leave the conversation by saying “I’m going to pray for you and I’m not just saying that, I’m going to go say a prayer for you right now.”
  • the opportunity to participate in four service-learning trips and a study abroad program during your four years as a student
  • receiving an email from a professor that says, “I’m looking forward to having you in class again!”
  • wanting to be back on campus only two days after leaving it for summer break
  • bonding with other students through retreats that take you on 40 mile trips or backpacking on South Manitou Island
  • a professor that starts all of his classes by addressing his students as “persons of quality”
  • your middle school dreams coming true when singer Teddy Geiger performs “For You I Will” at the Refresh Yourself event
  • a professor taking time out of class to discuss the importance of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health
  • being assigned to watch The Office in order to analyze the organizational communication within Dunder Mifflin
  • the barista at The Moose Café knowing your regular drink and has started already making it before you even order
  • when a professor you had once freshman year still remembers your name four years later and always asks how you’re doing as you pass by on campus
  • being invited to lunch with the Dominican Sisters of Marywood and having them bless you
  • when the president of the college serves you eggs at the annual Exam Cram breakfast

Finally, it’s when you’re preparing for graduation and instead of feeling lost and hopeless, you feel confident going into the “real” world and capable that you can grab all the successes you want, while also being able to look back on your four years at Aquinas and feel like you got everything you had hoped and more out of the experience.

The #AQdifference is what makes you proud to be known as an Aquinas College Saint.

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