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Your Favorite AQ Saint

We are always told we shouldn’t play favorites, but if we are honest with ourselves, we all have them and that is nothing to be ashamed of. In the Dominican Hall Lounge, I had an in-depth conversation with a few good friends regarding our “Favorite AQ Saints” in the early hours of the morning last night. Believe it or not, there is a list of qualifications and rules that you must abide by when choosing your favorite. Here they are:

1. Your Favorite AQ Saint is the person that makes your day every time you see them. You never expect to run into them, but when you do, there is always a “thank God ____________ is here!” moment.

2. You have to know your Favorite AQ Saint, but not too well because then they’re just your friend.

3. Your Favorite AQ Saint usually ends up being member of the opposite sex– but not always!

4. Your Favorite AQ Saint can not know that they are your Favorite AQ Saint. This is key!

You should also be prepared…your Favorite AQ Saint will change. This is because one day, your Favorite AQ Saint will become your friend (a clear violation of rule 2). It is inevitable. These people are of such high quality and are such a blessing to your life that you cannot help but make every effort to form a friendship with them.  You admire their attitude, their humor, their dedication, their drive, and their honesty. They make you smile just by being present.

Our Campus is full of potential Favorite AQ Saints. So take a look around next time you are in class, the Wege cafeteria, or simply walking around outside. Your Favorite AQ Saint could be anywhere. So here’s a suggestion: try to be as a big of a blessing to them as they have been to you and you might just end up being someone else’s Favorite AQ Saint.

Junior Saints Weekend

It is officially my favorite weekend of the year at Aquinas. As a college student, weekends are usually your chance to kick back, relax and think about doing your homework for Monday. It’s your chance to recoup and recover from classes, papers and tests. But once a year my weekend plans transform entirely. On Friday, January 24th, my two little sisters will be staying with me on campus for Junior Saints Weekend. Every year the three of us look forward to it.

There is something about being on campus with the “big kids” that they love. Personally, I just love showing them off! I swear I have the most adorable siblings around. They pack up all their AQ gear and head to campus for an overwhelming amount of fun. They’ll eat at the school cafeteria (which they love). They’ll head to Nelson’s Dog House for crafts, music and a number of those bouncy something-or-others. They’ll watch movies. They’ll hang out with their new 18, 19 and 20 year old friends. And eventually, on Sunday, they will head home exhausted, worn out and ready for a nap.

It is a welcome change of pace for all of us. I love knowing that they are so excited to spend the weekend with me, in the place that has become my home. When we get busy with homework, extracurricular activities, friendships and relationships, it is easy to put family on the back burner. Junior Saint’s Weekend is an opportunity to de-compartmentalize your life. Family and school do not have to be separate entities. For me, bringing the two together is one of my greatest joys, and nothing leaves a bigger smile on my face than my 12 year old sister letting me know “I’m gonna go to Aquinas one day.”

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