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Life Off Campus

In the past four years of my college career, I have called six places home. Three of those were on campus and life was glorious! When you live on campus there is an endless stream of events to entertain you. There is always a friend to eat with at Wege cafeteria, and although it may sound silly: endless free toilet paper.

Even though my first three years at Aquinas provided me with unforgettable memories, this year I decided to live off campus with six of my friends. Only a few weeks into the school year, I have already come to appreciate what living off campus has to provide. For example, I am enjoying the pleasures of having my own room, cooking exactly what I want to eat, and even having a stray cat purring at my front door.

Living in a house off campus has also taught my roommates and I skills that we will need after graduating. We learned to set up our own utilities (gas, electricity, cable, etc.) and paying bills on time. We’ve also been working diligently to make our new house of seven run smoothly.

I know the year ahead of me living off campus will provide different challenges and different rewards than previous years, but I honestly can’t wait! I have a good feeling that of the six places I’ve called home, this house will become one of my favorites.

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