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Student- Athlete Life at AQ

Being a student-athlete can definitely have its challenges. Balancing school, being a Student Ambassador, working part time, and being an athlete is quite the load. Life as a college kid is a constant go, go, go. At Aquinas, I am able to be involved in many different things and that is what I love about going to school here.

As an athlete I travel a lot and at times I have to miss classes for races. It is never easy missing class and trying to catch up. What makes it so much easier however, is how understanding all my professors are. I am responsible and I let my professors know when I will be missing. They are always so helpful to give me assignments from the classes I will miss.

Being at a small school where my professors know me by name and know if I miss class or not always pushes me to not skip class. My grades are very important to me and having my professors be so willing to help me reach my full potential means so much to me. Having the opportunity to be involved in different things is what has made my college experience here at Aquinas so much fun. I will always cherish all of the experiences I have had at Aquinas and look forward to more opportunities I will have in my last year as a student-athlete.

Big Fish, Small Pond

At Aquinas College we have a small population and a small campus and I love it. The 5-10 minute walk to class, seeing a familiar face everywhere you go, having your professor know your name– these are all reasons why I love AQ so much. When deciding what college I wanted to attend I said to my mom, “I want to be a big fish in a small pond” and AQ has allowed me to do so. I believe everyone here at AQ is a big fish. Everyone is familiar with each other and each individual is involved in something at our college. To me this is what is awesome about Aquinas: we truly are a community of Saints. Every time I have a class I have friend in it with me, which is always a plus. The fact that class sizes are 18-25 students is so beneficial because not only do you get to know your professor, but you get to know your classmates as well. Every time I walk into a class and my professor knows me by name is a great feeling. What is also so incredibly beneficial is just how much the professors at our school want to see their students succeed. They take time out of their busy schedules to communicate with any student who needs additional help outside of class because they truly do care.

I am a Communication major at AQ and I just want to recognize some professors that have truly made my time here at AQ such an unforgettable experience. Sister Rosemary O’Donnell is Aquinas’ sweetheart. She is always making her students laugh and has some of the funniest stories ever. She has been both an advisor and professor to me and she is always asking how I am personally doing and does whatever she can to help me succeed here. Next, we have Penny Avery who is such an outstanding woman and professor. The public speaking class I took with her has been the most enjoyable and unforgettable class I have taken at AQ. Our whole class became a family and it was obvious how much Penny loved us because we brought tears to her eyes our final class. Next we have Dr. Stahle who challenged me to succeed and is someone I learned so much from when taking her classes. She likes students who are dedicated and hardworking and I was able to show her that. In return she was always there to lend a helping hand. And last we have Dave Weinandy, the coolest dude on campus. He absolutely never fails to bring a smile to his students’ faces. He knows how to be fun while still being serious and challenging his students. You will always walk out of his class feeling better about yourself because of all the nice things he has to say about his students. If you ever take one of his classes you will learn so so much from him. I have had so many great professors here at AQ and I am so grateful to get a college education at a place where the professor’s actually care about seeing me excel during my time as an AQ Saint. It’s great to be a Saint!


I write this post as we are on the road headed to Lawrence, Kanas for our Pre-Nationals cross country race. Having the opportunity to be a student-athlete at Aquinas has been so incredible. Not only have I met so many new people since I have been at college, but I have had some unforgettable experiences that I will cherish forever. Being able to travel to cool places to do what I love is so much fun.

What running has taught me at AQ is that if you work hard you will achieve your goals. I have had the opportunity to go to Nationals three times for either cross country or track and field, and I have never before felt so accomplished. As I finish up my last two years as an AQ Saint, I hope to keep improving and achieving the new goals I set for myself each year. Because of AQ I am able to do something that I am so passionate about and that has made all the difference in my college experience.

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