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AQ Jobs

College can be expensive and it sometimes requires you to get a job so you can earn some extra money to help you pay for books, tuition, supplies, rent, food, etc. Or you could need some extra spending cash to allow you to have some fun in between the every day activities of being a college student. Instead of going off campus to search for a job you can easily find a job on campus. Aquinas offers numerous job opportunities for students. They are flexible with class schedules, rehearsals, practice times, etc.

Some examples of on campus jobs are working for Campus Safety, the Admissions office, set-up crew, grounds crew, paint crew, Career and Counseling department, the athletic department, housekeeping, the library, and many more. On campus jobs are fun and exciting because you get to work with students and faculty. Plus, how could you beat a five minute walking commute to work instead of driving twenty minutes and wasting your gas? You can work during the school year and even during the summer, which makes it easy to find that summer job everyone desperately needs. I currently work three on campus jobs (campus safety, student ambassador, and stats for the athletic department) and I love all of them. I even worked for grounds crew over the summer to get in my forty hour work week so I could earn the money that I needed for the following school year.

Feel free to follow to link to see the most recent updated job openings on campus. http://www.aquinas.edu/ccs/career/jobs.html

Sturrus Phase Two: ‘The Alk’

Aquinas recently started a 14 million dollar add-on to the Sturrus Sports and Fitness Center. The add-on is being named after Greg Alksnis who is a graduate of Aquinas College. The new building is going to be called the Alksnis Athletics and Recreation Building. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 25, 2013 and is expected to be finished by September of 2014. The new building, which has already been nicknamed “The Alk” by most of the athletes here at Aquinas, is going to feature a 6 lane 200- meter indoor track which will host the WHAC Championships for years to come. On the inside of the track they will have a turf field and drop down batting cages so most of the athletic teams will be able to practice year round on campus. They will also have a removable basketball court that can be placed on the turf.

The new additions to the Sturrus Sports and Fitness Center will provide extra space for the athletic teams to practice. It will also improve the intramural program here at Aquinas so the intramural teams don’t have to play until 2am due to the lack of availability in the gym. It will also provide the intramural program with the opportunity to include more sports for the students to participate in.

If you are interested in watching the groundbreaking ceremony or keeping up with the progress of the new addition you can go to the following link for the ceremony and the most recent updates! http://www.aquinas.edu/construction/progress.html

Free Doughnut Day

One of my favorite parts of going to Aquinas would definitely have to be FREE DOUGHNUT DAY! Free doughnut day is also known as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. AB (the Academic Building) was decorated for the special occasion and free doughnuts were handed out to anyone who wanted one, and whenever they wanted one!

A free doughnut can go a long way. It could be the simple pick-me-up when someone is having a bad day, or an extra boost right before a big test. It can even help someone who skipped lunch make it through until they can get a real meal at dinner. I thought that everything would end with the doughnuts but, to my surprise, Wege Cafeteria was even joining in on the fun. Everyone who worked in the cafeteria decorated the room for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Free Doughnut Day, whatever you prefer to call it. They even wore beads and were handing them out to students. It really brought an exciting atmosphere to dinner that night! When I went to the Corner Cafe later in the evening to grab a snack, the employees had also joined in on the celebration by wearing beads and decorating the cafe area.

It wasn’t much but free doughnuts, beads, and little bit of decorations really spiced up the day and made it one to remember and look forward to next year. It really showed me that Aquinas does care about the students and that it truly does make a difference!


Crunch Time

It’s exam week and you haven’t learned anything all semester. Well, at least that’s what it feels like sometimes! You’re stressing to the max and pulling your hair out seems like a more viable option than studying for your finals. Well guess what?! You are going to survive– I promise!

Everyone else is feeling the exact same way as you during exam week. Instead of hiding in a corner and contemplating whether or not you can make it through the next week, grab a friend or classmate and head over to the Grace Hauenstein library for some studying. The library is open twenty-four hours a day during Aquinas’ exam week. It is never too early or too late to study!

Once you start studying everything you learned during the semester will come back to you. After a few hours of studying you will realize that your dreaded finals actually won’t be that bad. Some helpful advice for finals weeks: don’t forget to take a little break! At Aquinas, the college holds something called ‘Exam Cram Breakfast’ in our Wege cafeteria at 10pm the Monday night of finals week. It’s a great way for you to take a deep breath, pause your studies, relax with friends, and refuel for the last few hours of your Monday night study session.

Before you know it you will be walking into your last final and realize that finals week wasn’t so bad after all! Once you leave the classroom after your last final you can toss all your study guides in the air and start preparing for your much need break from school. Head back to your room, pack your stuff up (including your dirty laundry for your mom to do when you’re home) and then you can hit the road and enjoy your break!

The Mighty Man on Campus

The mighty man on campus is Dave Weinandy. He is a communication professor at AQ and is truly amazing. His classes are entertaining and educational, even for students who don’t major in communication. Dave sometimes talks about himself in the third person during his classes and there is honestly never a dull moment. Dave has a lot of real life experience that he brings to the classroom. He currently works with Miss Michigan candidates as a communication coach and it is amazing how much you can learn from someone who has led such a fulfilled and exciting life.

I have had so many wonderful times in my classes with Dave, but my best memory comes from something outside of the classroom. Dave and I always used to joke about running, as I am on the Cross Country team here. He would come up to me after classes and jokingly say, “Grant, I am so tired from my 100-mile run. It’s amazing that we never cross paths even though we both run SO much.” One day the Cross Country team did a run through our Academic Building (AB). We ran through the basement of AB, through the tunnel connecting AB with the Wege Student Center, and then out the front doors of Wege. I was running with the team and we crossed paths with Dave. He dropped his things on the ground and said, “It’s time for our run, Grant.” He ran all the way to the Wege doors with us.

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