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Handy Dandy Librarian

I don’t know about you but I hate writing papers. I really don’t like research papers but I have to give a special shout out to the librarians. They are amazing and more than willing to spend some time with you to help you figure out where to find some great sources. All of them are well versed with our search engines and MeLCat and know how to maneuver them efficiently and productively. We even have librarians that specialize in specific areas of study which was super helpful for me since I am working on my German research paper which requires sources that are published in German as well.


Naturally, I can say a lot about C.Y.B.I.A.C. but it was an amazing experience and if you get the chance you should definitely do it. It is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your relationship with God and learn about yourself as well, and even if you are not  very religious you can still get a lot out of the retreat. On top of being an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself and get closer to God you can also gain some amazing friends through the retreat or strengthen the friendships you already have.

I was very reluctant to go on C.Y.B.I.A.C. because I am not a very religious person. However, I am happy I went because although I wouldn’t say I become closer with God, I did grow as a person and learned about myself as well. It is very humbling and terrifying to bare your soul to strangers but it is even more rewarding when they turn around and support you and comfort you. C.Y.B.I.A.C. gave me a new outlook on life and a strength that I didn’t know I had.

The decision to go on C.Y.B.I.A.C. was a last minute choice on my part so I didn’t really go with friends. Despite that, being a senior I still knew many of the students there and it was really nice making new friends and getting to know people. The best part was creating a new group of people you can trust and friends who support you and it’s nice having more smiling faces greeting you in the halls or in the Moose.

It was beautiful watching some of my new friends become closer with their beliefs rather it be God or otherwise. I know for me I still may not be a church going Christian but feeling the love and encouragement of my friends and family is all the religion I need. I believe that God is love and as long as I have love in my life and in my heart then I will continue to walk in the light of righteousness and use my gifts to help others the best I can.

Trick or Treat

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like Halloween and those who tolerate it– or, in other words, hate it. I tend to belong more to the latter side of that group mainly because I am not a fan of being scared. For many people that is the main appeal of Halloween, the idea of seeing how much they can take without being scared or, even better, having the opportunity to scare others. Personally I am not opposed to scaring people especially for good causes like the Forest of Fear but overall I am not fond of being scared.

Halloween is not just about being scared and scaring people, it is also about the chance to dress up and be something more than yourself. This idea also fails to appeal to me because although I would love to dress up as my favorite anime character or super villain, I always find myself less than enthusiastic about attempting such a feat. Perhaps because I don’t wish to change my identity, the identity that I have spent 20 years cultivating, 20 years of a well cultivated and detailed mask, to put a fake one for one maybe two nights. No matter what Halloween looks, feels, and sounds like to you; enjoy, eat candy, and get spooked kids!

AQ Homecoming

Homecoming for us, as students, is the entertainment tent, food stands, inflatables and lots of faces that to us may be new, but to these grounds are very familiar. To these not so familiar faces, however, Homecoming is a chance to catch up with friends — both students and professors alike. It’s more than just a entertainment tent, food or inflatables. Homecoming is a friend, a family, a home.

I had the chance to speak with the Homecoming Queen of 1999 and of course, she had great things to say and useful advice to give, but what I loved the most about the interaction is that she spoke to me (and my friend who was there) as if we were all family or had been friends for a long time. She asked what our majors were and my friend said Psychology, while I went on to deliver my three-major-long spiel of German, Business, and Music. After hearing that, she of course asked what I intended on doing for a career.  I have ideas but they are rather scattered, unrelated, and frankly, don’t inspire much confidence of a future plan. Her response to my unclear future plans was what resonated with me the most. She went on to explain that she had studied Communications here at Aquinas but now currently owns a sports store and couldn’t be happier. Her point was that it doesn’t matter what I study, as long I have the drive to obtain whatever future I want.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside or maybe I was just hot from wearing a suit but either way, I appreciated what she had to say.  It was like getting advice from your aunt and that’s what I and so many people love about Aquinas:  the idea that we are a family, because frankly, we are. I love the family that I have established here at Aquinas and I will always see this place as a second home. As I write this, I am thinking about this being my last year here and all the people I have met, and all the things I have done. It makes me wonder how can I ever leave this place, but I know I must and that’s okay because I know I can always come back home.

Thinking about coming back to an Aquinas Homecoming as an alum, I think about the Homecoming Queen and what kind of advice or words of wisdom I would be able to give in the future. Right now I’m more concerned with getting to be an alumni at Homecoming next year but I’m not too stressed about the future because like she said, everything works out in the end the way it’s supposed to. Maybe not the way you planned but, nevertheless, just fine. I’ll just leave you with this: don’t worry about the future. It’s unknown and unpredictable but right now you can do your best and work your hardest and it will all be okay.

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